Plastic Film

Plastic bags and plastic wraps make up the category “plastic film.” This includes everything from grocery and bread bags to shrink wrap and paper towel film. In 2012, the recycling of post-consumer plastic film surpassed one billion pounds – up 56% since 2005.

While most communities do not accept plastic film curbside, recycling coordinators can play a role in helping increase the collection of this important category of plastic.  Many Americans have access to plastic film recycling in their communities. The 2012 Plastic Film and Bag Recycling Collection: National Reach Study found that:

  • 91% to 93% of the U.S. has access to plastic bag recycling
  • 72% to 74% has access to plastic film recycling
  • Much of this recycling happens at grocery and retail stores

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Check out for comprehensive information about polyethylene film recycling.  Learn what can be recycled along with plastic bags, and try the drop-off directory to locate a nearby retailer, municipal recycling center or private recycler in your area who accepts plastic bags and film packaging.

Here is a great video from Rhode Island, designed to communicate the best way to recycle bags, to their residents.

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